Quality Control

Quality management process

Since custom metal fabrication often involves multiple processes, it is important to have well documented quality control procedures in place. Any manual should include quality standards and test policies for drawings and specifications, welding procedures, welder qualifications, materials, welding tests, management, storage and transportation.

Quality manager

At Viet Bokuto, our Quality Control Manager is responsible for implementing quality control procedures. In addition, the Quality Control Manager has direct access to the President / CEO whenever there is a concern about the quality of any product we are manufacturing to address any Any problem is discovered.

Drawings & Specifications

A successful project starts with high quality drawings and specifications. In this area, our Technical Director is capable of making adjustments to drawings and specifications based on specified quality and / or standards.

When the Quality Control Manager and reviews the plans from the Engineering Division, the Factory Manager and the Quality Control Manager work together to complete the project.


In order to monitor our suppliers, we require our raw material suppliers to provide markings on raw materials for verification:

  • Material manufacturer or trade name
  • Material thickness
  • Material quality related certificates
  • Origin of raw materials

Welding processes

All aspects of the welding process at Viet Bokuto are periodically supervised by the welder's quality manager as well as the welder's supervisor. If any system failure is detected, the Quality Control Manager talks with production management to decide what actions will be taken to resolve the issue.

Quality control officers will check:

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Deformation (torsion, flatness, etc.)
  • Bolt hole accuracy and edge spacing
  • Remove burrs and splinters