Galvanized paint

Specially designed as a special paint to protect, decorate with galvanized surface, used for construction, civil ... Galvanized paint can also be used as external metal paints. sky, indoor furniture, underground pipes, windows ...

With characteristics of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, good coverage. The surface is very hard, resistant to water, resistant to solvent chemicals. Metal paint does not peel, has good adhesion ability on iron and steel surfaces that have been cleaned up to standards.

Metal powder coating

Powder coating is a spraying method that applies electrostatic principles, which means that the powder coating is charged and sprayed to the surface or charged with a spray gun and creates a strong bond between the powder coating and the metal material.

The use of powder coating will provide a glossy, smooth surface, preventing the product from being corroded by chemicals or under the influence of chemicals or weather, as well as responding to rich colors. same high precision for painted product.

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