Subway station skylight

Project Info

Project Name Ben Thanh Metro Station Section 1
Construction Supervision Sumitomo Co., Ltd
Design Supervision Sumitomo Co., Ltd
Services Louver, Handrails, Fences, Skylight,...
Materials Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Date December, 2023
Location Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Project Details

State 1: Prototyping

Modeling helps to check the feasibility of the design, ensuring that the structure can meet the technical and safety requirements. The models created can be scaled-down models or full-scale models. Scaled-down models are often used to study load-bearing capacity, durability, aesthetics, etc. Full-scale models are often used to test the technical systems, such as ventilation and lighting systems.

State 2: Installation

The installation process of an underground station is a meticulous and precise job. Each installation step must be carried out according to the correct procedures and techniques to ensure the quality and safety of the structure.

State 3: Finishing

After a long and complex construction process, the underground station has finally been completed. The underground station is a connecting structure between the metro lines, a place to pick up and drop off passengers and provide convenience services for passengers.
Top light is a distinctive design of modern underground stations. Top light helps bring natural light down to the station, creating a cool and environmentally friendly space. Top light is usually installed on the ceiling of the station, in circular or square shape.