Opportunities For Cooperation And Development

Viet Bokuto meets your outsourcing needs with quality and supply ability. When you need to spend more time on research and development, we can meet that need and provide you and your engineers with high quality parts.

Viet Bokuto can provide expertise and shared production resources in the engineering field, allowing us to act as a single source manufacturing solution for multinational original equipment corporations.

There is no need to use many suppliers because Viet Bokuto can design, prototype, fabricate, engineer, integrate and assemble turnkey solutions completely, on time and within budget.

Outsourcing is becoming a preferred approach for organizations that want to strategically manage materials in today's dynamic business environment.

Why Choose Us?

Criteria to help you and Bokuto become a partner


Precision metal fabrication with strict quality control


Bokuto has been trusted for over 50+ years


Streamlined and effective for each project


Ability to handle projects from small to large